SCICtrain 3

This year was a very special year for the annual SCIC Universities Conference, as we were celebrating its 20th edition!  The title of the conference was

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SCICtrain 2

The 19th Annual SCIC-Universities Conference took place in Brussels on 26th and 27th March 2015 on the theme “(Re-)Making connections”. The world of Interpreting is evolving and all of us, universities and institutional employers alike, must adapt to new circumstances and user requirements by blending the use of new technologies with more traditional ways of teaching. Continue reading


SCICtrain – a new virtual video library on conference interpreter training

On 28th March, the second day of the annual SCIC-Universities conference, and as a follow-up to the SCiCLOUD initiative announced exactly a year before by Mr Brian Fox, DG SCIC launched “SCICtrain“, a new virtual video library on conference interpreter training offered by DG SCIC interpreter/trainers.


C. Durand, L. De Rioja, M. Benedetti

For some years, DG SCIC had been playing with the idea of conveying important information on conference interpreter training  using online video material, Continue reading

My simultaneous kit

BEST OF: “España ha dejado de ser católica”

MAKING OF: “España ha dejado de ser católica”

PREPARATION: “España ha dejado de ser católica”

Don’t start speaking until you know you can complete a grammatical sentence…

but you don’t have to complete the sentence you originally had in mind nor the same sentence the speaker finishes. Continue reading

Interpreting Barack OBAMA

Escuchamos a Edwina hacer la traducción simultánea del discurso de investidura de Barack Obama al español.
Edwina simultaneously interprets Barack Obama’s inaugural address into Spanish. Continue reading

Interpretación simultánea DE-ES

Escuchamos a Patricia hacer traducción simultánea del alemán al español. Nuestra forma de mostrar la complejidad de la simultánea entre dos lenguas tan diferentes. Continue reading