Interpreting Michelle OBAMA


“Quiero pensar que ésta no es mi mejor simultánea :-). En este caso el reto era enfrentarse a un discurso desconocido, interpretándolo sin texto y sin preparación alguna: es decir, una situación bastante habitual en la vida real de un intérprete. Continue reading

My simultaneous kit

BEST OF: “España ha dejado de ser católica”

MAKING OF: “España ha dejado de ser católica”

PREPARATION: “España ha dejado de ser católica”

Don’t start speaking until you know you can complete a grammatical sentence…

but you don’t have to complete the sentence you originally had in mind nor the same sentence the speaker finishes. Continue reading

High-level Interpretation

Dick FLEMING, former EU staff interpreter, reminisces about some of the high-level EU meetings he interpreted at during the 1980s and 1990s, work which was sometimes tough, often fascinating and- with hindsight- immensely rewarding. He describes the interpreting arrangements for such meetings then and now and suggests that young interpreters -particularly those with two active languages- should certainly not assume they will never have the opportunity to provide interpretation at such meetings.

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Starting simultaneous interpreting

Dick, formerly organiser of EU Commission interpreter training course and subsequently trainer of trainers, gives us a few tips for students about to start simultaneous interpretation. Continue reading