AIIC Conversations

AIIC presents CONVERSATIONS – a series of talks among conference interpreters about their profession and craft. Created by Lourdes de Rioja and Luigi Luccarelli with AIIC coordination and support by Gisèle Abazon, CONVERSATIONS will be rolled out in September 2016 with four videos exploring the lives of diverse groups: Continue reading

AIIC Frequently Asked Questions

Over seventy years ago interpreting found itself at a crossroad. Technological progress allowed for a substantial change in the way interpreters carried out their work and simultaneous interpreting was born. Continue reading

Erik HERTOG, Interpreters in conflict zone

Conflict Zone Field Guide for Civilian Translators/Interpreters 

and Users of Their Services

Translators/Interpreters (T/Is) contracted to work in conflict zones are often non-professional linguists yet play a key role in communications. Continue reading

Linda FITCHETT, President of AIIC

AIIC is the only global association of conference interpreters. Since the very early days of modern conference interpreting, AIIC has promoted high standards of quality and ethics in the profession and represented the interests of its practitioners.

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