The interpreters take the floor to talk about their work, interests and issues, in a menu created by and for interpreters.

Los intérpretes tienen la palabra: hablan de su trabajo, intereses o problemas. Un menú por y para intérpretes.

INTERPRETERS, un film par André DELVAUX, cinéaste symbole du cinéma belge moderne, 1968 © European Commission.

Renée HAFERKAMP is a former director general of the European Commission, and has participated in all the important milestones of the European Union, from the period of Paul-Henri Spaak and Jean Monnet to Jacques Delors and Jose-Emmanuel Barroso.

Anne Marie Widlund Fantini, former Head of the EPs French Interpreting Unit and her distinguished colleague and former trainer Christopher Thiérry  discuss the past and the future of the profession.

Ivana Čeňková parle de l´inteprétation simultanée et consécutive dans un pays de l´Europe Centrale avant 1989 et aussi de son expérience d´interprète de conférence dans les institutions européennes faisant le retour et servant de relais pour les autres cabines.

Eduardo MENDOZA, Premio de Literatura en Lengua Castellana Miguel de Cervantes 2016, talks about his time as a translator and conference interpreter and how this experience has influenced his career as a writer.

Ten things to think about before handing over good money for a conference interpreter’s training course.

In conversation with Peter SAND, about interpreting, professional profiles, the private market beyond institutions and the future.

José OVEJERO, antiguo intérprete de conferencias de la Comisión Europea, nos habla de la influencia de la interpretación en su carrera literaria.

Androulla VASSILIOU, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth talks about languages, multilingualism and the role of conference interpreters.

David SMITH, retiring head of the English interpreting unit at the European Commission, looks back at a life spent in and around the interpreting booth and wonders what the future may bring.

A fictional and humorous portrait of an interpreter’s mid-career breakdown.

“A Day in the Life of Real Interpreters” by director Sydney Pollack is an interesting look at the challenges of simultaneous interpretation, explained by Diana Liao, Chief of the Interpretation Service at the UN, and Brigitte Andreassier-Pearl, Chief of the French section of the Interpretation Service at the UN. Pollack discusses the intention of the scenes on which he comments, what he added after shooting and took out in editing and why: story, locations, and some technical challenges. © Universal Pictures

Escuchamos a Anne hablarnos de su trabajo. ©European Council

Marina talks about the ins and outs and the challenges of working at the EU Court of Justice.

Iciar talks about interpreting as a window to history in the making.

Mónica shares some handy tips on how to dress for work.

Thomas describes how translators and interpreters work and discusses the similarities and differences.

Julio FEO, Secretary General of the President’s Office under Felipe González, tells us about his experience, the work of high-level interpreters and how they are valued by clients.

Carlos talks about one of the new EU languages – Hungarian.

AIIC is the only global association of conference interpreters. Since the very early days of modern conference interpreting, AIIC has promoted high standards of quality and ethics in the profession and represented the interests of its practitioners.

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  1. ¿Te has fijado que en el último vídeo los subtítulos al francés están hechos con “Google translator” o algo así; y son para morirse de risa… Interpretation is NOT translation…


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