The pure customer

Neil Munro has spent his entire professional career working as an interpreter at the European institutions and has acquired extensive experience of testing – initially as a victim (or should that be as a candidate?!) and subsequently as a speaker and selection board member. Continue reading


Edward Snowden Asyl gewähren

Sondersitzung des Bundestages zu den Abhöraktivitäten der NSA und den Auswirkungen auf Deutschland und die transatlantischen Beziehungen

Frau Präsidentin! Auch von uns alle guten Wünsche für Sie.

Meine Damen und Herren!

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Renée HAFERKAMP is a graduate from Brussels and Geneva University (Philosophie et Lettres). She  is a former director general of the European Commission, and has participated in all the important milestones of the European Union, from the period of Paul-Henri Spaak and Jean Monnet to Jacques Delors and José Manuel Durao Barroso. Continue reading

SCICtrain 3

This year was a very special year for the annual SCIC Universities Conference, as we were celebrating its 20th edition!  The title of the conference was

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Great iOS 9 features for interpreters (and translators)

In late 2015, Apple have released a new version of their operating system for iPhones and iPads: iOS 9. Why should you care? You’ll find out in this video.
iOS 9 works on all existing iPads – except for the very first one, which, alas, does not have enough power to run it. Now let’s take a closer look. Continue reading


Antón Vialle, un dos tradutores do ‘Ulises’

[Entrevista publicada en REAL ACADEMIA GALEGA]

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Claude DURAND, a life dedicated to interpreting

If I remember well in which mood I was in June 1974 after I passed my final exam at ESIT in Paris, I felt a sigh of relief at the thought that I had finally reached the end of a very demanding training path, but in the back of my head I feared that this decisive step would only mark the beginning of a new challenge; in a word, I was wondering whether embarking on a conference interpreter’s career would enable me to grow and make my dreams come true.

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