Tablet interpreting is serious fun!

Joking aside, if you want to improve your tablet interpreting skills, there’s an online course this June that fits the bill. Alexander is one of the trainers, along with Joshua Goldsmith, a freelance interpreter with extensive tablet interpreting experience.
Alexander and Josh have trained many interpreters online and offline. So if you’ve ever seen a colleague whip out their tablet on assignment and wondered how a tablet could be useful while interpreting, do join them.
In the first webinar, you’ll get to know your tablet and learn about the basics of tablet interpreting. The second session covers preparation, which is essential for every assignment. You’ll learn how to make your prep fast and easy – from gathering documents to researching for an assignment, fine-tuning your terminology to getting ready for the big day. The third lesson is about consecutive interpreting, where tablets offer numerous benefits, from consulting documents to full-fledged consecutive using a tablet and stylus. The fourth webinar focuses on simultaneous. Coffee and sweets aside, tablets really are ideal companions in (mobile) booths for a wide range of reasons. The fifth and final webinar covers all the apps and accessories you never knew you needed (beer-drinking apps aside): from language apps to productivity tools to apps that will keep you and your clients’ confidential data safe. (Optionally, you can also book a 30-to-45-minute one-on-one session with Josh or Alex).
Of course, you can also just enjoy the silly stunts Alex pulls in the video!

Alexander DRECHSEL is a staff interpreter at the European Commission.



One thought on “Tablet interpreting is serious fun!

  1. Sympathique! Et beaucoup à apprendre de la tablet! qui ne remplacera jamais l’interprète, par ailleurs. Tout comme la bière virtuelle ne remplacera jamais une bonne Dorada, n’est-ce pas Lourdes?


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