InterpretimeBank is an online community for professional interpreters and interpreting students. It was created in August 2014 by a group of former classmates who wanted to create a network of professional interpreters working worldwide, to foster knowledge exchange and to have a platform that could be used as a life-long learning tool.

Interpretimebank is not meant to replace on-site training, instead it allows you to easily access a pool of qualified peers willing to help you practise. Living far away from a practice group, or being unable to afford a course is no longer a reason to stop you from polishing your skills. All you need is to be willing to give your time.

How it works

If you need someone to listen to your interpretation and give you feedback, it is as easy as posting an exchange requesting feedback and waiting for another InterpretimeBank member to reply. The platform will automatically match your language combination with that of other members with relevant combinations for your needs. All you have to do is specify the time and date that suits you best for the exchange to take place.

Once you have a partner for the exchange, you can communicate privately to specify further details (speech to be interpreted, modality and goals). You are free to decide how the exchange takes place ̶ via Skype, Hangouts or any other platform of your preference. The Interpretimebank platform will keep track of the duration of the exchange. During the session, you will spend time (our currency) and the person listening to you will earn time that will be credited to their account.

You can also participate in exchanges posted by other members, listen to their interpretations and give them feedback. By doing so you will earn time credit that will be saved up in your account. If you run out of credit time, because you had many people listening to you, you can earn some by either participating in other users’ events or by purchasing time units.


1.Create a profile and choose a type of membership.

2.Become a Basic member. This free account comes with 30 minutes of initial credit to start exchanging time. You can accumulated up to 90 minutes of credit that will be valid for three months. Need more time? You can purchase time credit or become a premium member.

3.Become a Premium member for €5/month or €50/year. This account comes with monthly 30 minutes of non-cumulative recharge that allows you to start exchanging and accumulating your own unlimited time credit. The purchase of additional time credit is also available to Premium members.







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