Workshop on Interpreting Skills Exchange: WISE

WISE (Workshop on Interpreting Skills Exchange) is an intensive practice workshop which operates on a mutually beneficial basis, relying upon the goodwill of those taking part.

This means that as a participant, you will interpret the speeches of other colleagues while also receiving feedback from them. In return, you will give constructive feedback and helpful advice to others, as well as speeches in your native language or a strong active language. WISE is held every summer in Brussels and Valencia.

The WISE workshops are intended for professional conference interpreters who are seeking to improve their interpreting technique, both in consecutive and simultaneous modes. In 2014, the booths catered for were Spanish, English, French, German and Italian, with the same language regime planned for 2015. Furthermore, the workshops place a particular focus on offering the chance to work on a retour, with feedback provided by native colleagues.

Detailed information on WISE can be found on

If you would like to register for the 2015 edition, please fill out the following form and we will contact you once the final dates are confirmed:

4 thoughts on “Workshop on Interpreting Skills Exchange: WISE

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  2. Hallo, is it possible to participate if your A language, Portuguese in my case, is not one of the languages foreseen in the seminar? I’m training for a German B and could read speeches as well as give feed back to colleagues in that language. All other languages, with the exception of Italian belong to my language combination. Thanks Elisabeth

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    • Dear Elisabeth,

      We usually have EN, ES, FR, DE and IT as A languages, but we are open to other language combinations and ultimately the language regime will depend on the number of interpreters registered for every A language. So if, for example, in WISE Brussels or WISE Valencia we do not have enough participants for Italian and plenty for Portuguese, there would be Portuguese A, so yes – it is possible.

      Kind regards,


  3. I was part of WISE Valencia 2014, and I would like to recommend the experience. You improve your skills, you meet colleagues and you have fun. What’s is not to like? 🙂


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