Interpreters, 1968.

Alguna vez, rara vez, me encuentro alguna perla en el camino.

Esta obra, del cineasta belga André DELVAUX, es una de esas ocasiones. Imposible no compartirlo..

9 thoughts on “Interpreters, 1968.

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  2. Here is Rudy Lederer, the German speaker in the “stage”-like session, interviewed in 2002. His impeccable pronunciation of English names is explained… since he’s actually British (father born in the Austro-Hungarian empire):
    The chairperson of the training session is Renee Van Hoof (founder of SCIC) and the French speaker is Fred Pfloescher, who was also present in Val Duchesse (team of 6 for the first treaty negotiations):


  3. Espectacular. No he reconocido a nadie. Y tu?

    Un beso y feliz año

    Pedro Velázquez
    Deputy Head of Unit
    Communication & Valorisation
    Directorate General for Education and Culture
    European Commission
    +32-2-296.97.04 (direct phone)
    +32-2-295.77.47 (fax)


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